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                Self-proclaimed “badasses” and “extra-terrestrials”, the Portland, Oregon family of artists behind Liberty 503 produces heady glass hand pipes, bongs and dab rigs in addition to their line of jewelry. They have set the standard for extremely intricate glass sandblasting, which they use for deep etching on their pieces. While many glassworkers produce eye-catching pipe designs, Liberty 503 includes an unprecedented level of detail and color. They use hand-drawn stencils to create their designs, which range from Bigfoot-branded glass pipes to axe-shaped bubblers.

                In order to achieve such precise and artistic depictions, these hand pipes must go through a sandblasting process like no other. Initially, the Liberty 503 teams was experimenting with the power and capability of a sandblasting machine. They were just tinkering around with creations for about six months, before they decided to make a commitment to it. They used their last bit of money to purchase a crystal sandblaster, which is a micro-abrasive blaster that is designed to achieve only the most precise surface finishes. They made sure it had all the features required to produce exactly the kind of art they wanted. From that point on, Liberty 503 soleloy dedicated their efforts to sandblasting. Just maintaining the machine alone takes so much effort. With Liberty 503 hand pipes, you have to keep in mind that you are paying for an art piece. Though the price is comparably higher other hand pipes, these pipes have a higher effort requirement for their production. At the end of the day you are paying artists.

                Glassblowing is not just an up and coming industry, it's here and it's here to stay. People everywhere are aware of the delicate craft, and how many hands one piece must go through in order to become a finished product. If you are a person who's caught the glassblowing wave, you've got to do yourself a favor by looking through our collection of Liberty 503 pipes.


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