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                Unlike most rolling paper companies, Kush Papers initially developed their smoking papers for the medical industry. After seven years of trial and error, they became a successful supplier for hospitals. Kush Papers then tapped into the headshop industry, with their rolling papers intended for tobacco use as well as for medicinal purposes.Aside from the common hemp papers, Kush Papers also has a variety of flavored and themed products. For fans of the artist, they have a series of Bob Marley and Jamaica themed papers with colorful designs. They also have mint and grape flavored wraps for those who want some flavor with their smoke. Unlike many other companies, Kush Papers has a line of rice papers which can be thinner than hemp papers and burn slower. Kush Papers’s most unique products are their “smoker’s kits” which provide high quality upholstered wood boxes with smoking accessories such as grinders, lighters, and rollers inside.

                Their 100% Hemp rolling papers are worth trying out, as hemp is a widely popular material for papers these days. First and foremost, hemp papers are more beneficial to the environment. This is because the papers are made from the hemp plant instead of trees. Hemp papers are also biodegradable and often free from any chemicals. For rolling purposes, hemp also tends to be easier to use. These papers are a bit thicker than other materials, which makes them easier to handle. You will notice that these may burn slightly faster than other materials, but the benefits outweigh that slight setback. For those who are more particular about the taste emitted from rolling papers, you should certainly consider using rolling papers made from hemp. Hemp has a smooth taste, and adds a little flare to your herbs and tobacco. Check out the 1-1/4" Rolling Papers, and get yourself some awesome Kush Papers!


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