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                Based in the state of Florida, Kannastor specializes in providing a selection of high-grade herb grinders. Whether you prefer a multi-chamber or single chamber, Kannastor caters to both choices with their diverse line of grinders. Their latest line of grinders is known as “GR8TR.” GR8TR utilizes cutting edge design and technology to make Kannastor grinders more customizable. Not only are the grinder plates interchangeable, but the screen is also extremely easy to change. This innovative line of GR8TR grinders is just one example of the Kannastor’s credibility. A team of engineers also assures the performance of their grinders by testing each one for utmost functionality and strength. Kannastor even offers a lifetime warranty against any manufacturing defects or broken teeth. Considering that each grinder is initially inspected for any impurities, this warranty conclusively guarantees customer satisfaction. You can trust Kannastor to equip you with a high quality grinder that lasts years.

                Let's take a closer look at one of Kannastor's absolute best grinders, the 2.2" Clear Top 4pc Herb Grinder with Jar, so you can see the how capable their grinders can be. First and foremost, there are 4 chambers in the grinder. The topmost chamber grinds your herbs, while the next chamber catches the ground herbs. From the herb chamber, tiny particles of herb fall into the pollen chamber. The very top of the grinder is clear, so you can see your herbs being ground. The middle portion of the grinder is also clear, so you can see where your ground herbs are stored. You can use this middle portion as a storage unit by inserting a barrier. As for the material of the grinder, it is almost completely made of aluminum. Grinders are a necessity for the average smoker, and Kannastor grinders are engineered to take that into account. 

                If you are looking for a grinder that will last you a while and has extra percs to it, take a look at this collection of Kannastor grinders. You are bound to find something you like.


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