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                One of the first electronic personal vaporizer manufacturers in China, KangerTech has been around since 2007. With their central focus on invention and innovation, KangerTech has been pumping out popular e-liquid vaporizers in the United States and all across Europe. KangerTech puts an important emphasis on making sure their vapes pass all certifications for a safe and clean vaporizer. All products meet the international environmental management system standards.

                One of their popular items is the Subox Mini Kit. It has a very wide wattage range that is fully customizable and varies from 7W to 50W. Lightweight and durable, the subox mini kit is made with aluminum alloy construction. The sheer durability of this e-liquid vaporizer is one of the things that sets it apart from its weaker competition. Furthermore, it is compatible with an extremely powerful battery: an 18650 Lithium-Ion battery. This kit also comes with the Subtank Mini tank, which is one of KangerTech’s most popular tanks.

                KangerTech has many convenient kits, including the Subox Nano Kit as well. Whether you choose the Subox Nano Kit or the Subox Mini Kit, either one is great for first time vaporizer users and experienced ones alike. However, if you have difficulty deciding between the Nano or Mini, consider the your preference of size. If you prefer a smaller and more portable vaporizer, then you should lean towards the Subox Nano Kit. It is a bit more compact than the mini. Though the Subox Vaporizer Mini Kit is larger in size, it also quite portable.

                If you are interested in finding a healthy alternative to smoking, be sure to take a look at  the KangerTech vaporizers we offer. There is good reason for their wide popularity. You can carry them wherever you want to go, and they will last you a really long time!