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                Incredibowl Industries is an innovative company based in Boulder, CO that has used technology and sophistication to create their own type of hand pipe. This company was founded in 2009, and has since gained recognition and even awards for their invention. The Incredibowl is a modular glass smoking pipe system that gives you a clean, smooth, and cooled hit while getting the best taste from your flower. The Incredibowl is so durable that they are designed to last a lifetime. The expansion chambers are made of heat resistant material and aluminum. Inside the aluminum is the glass pipe, hand-blown in Colorado and crafted from borosilicate glass. Incredibowl has won awards for their inventive products, including 18 High Times Cannabis Cups. They also sell accessories including longer tubes, concentrate attachments, triggers, and glass tubes. Incredibowl has revolutionized the glass industry with their advanced redesigning of the classic glass pipe.

                When it comes to purchasing an Incredibowl, there are two main choices: the i420 and M420. The larger of the two is the i420, which measures in at 9 inches long. It essentially functions the same way as the M420 (5 inches), but can contain more smoke in its chamber. The way the engineering works is centered around spring action. As you light your herbs on one end and inhale, smoke gets drawn into a chamber. In order to inhale the smoke into your lungs, you must pull back the bowl. The smoke will immediately rush out of the chamber and your lungs. This creates a powerful hit. The material of the Incredibowl is also very high-quality. The body is polycarbonate, which is not only resistant to heat but also durable.

                This portable and unique steamroller was designed with extreme thought and advanced engineering. If you appreciate functionality, the Incredibowl has it. If you appreciate modern design, it has it. You will not be disappointed by this innovative product.


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