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                HVY Glass is a glass manufacturer based in Los Angeles, California. HVY Glass constructs water pipesconcentrate rigs, and bubblers from German Schott glass and American borosilicate glass. Some HVY Glass products are scientific glass, coming in clean and clear beakers or straight tube designs. Other HVY Glass products are heady glass, with an emphasis on artistic design and produced in smaller quantities. HVY Glass offers a wide selection of products with an emphasis on durability and functionality.

                When you see a HVY Glass water pipe, you immediately recognize the brand. This is not just because of the memorable logo, but because of the signature design of their pieces. The company tends to utilize bubble bases and marbles. A good representation of a classic HVY bong would be the Wide Mouth Bubble Bong with Ice Catcher. It features the classic bubble base and even has marbles on the included bowl slide. However, this bong also has worked glass accents on the neck and base. This is another classic characteristic of the company's water pipes. The worked glass accents on this bong utilize the inside-out method, and combines a spectrum of colors: tan, white, and blue. This plethora of colors is commonly found throughout many HVY Glass bongs. 

                Apart from the bubble base, the beaker base is another common base equipped with these pieces. Take the Glass Beaker Water Pipe for instance, which has a fumed beaker base option. If you are not keen on the fumed feature, then you can get the clear option. As with all of HVY Glass bongs, this one is completely affordable in price. Especially on this piece, you get the proper bang for your buck. It's diffused downstem is stylishly branded with the HVY logo, and its also removable. Better yet, you can put ice into the neck and it will cool your smoke. Thanks to the ice catcher, the ice will stay within the neck for the smoke to pass through.


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