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                Humboldt Hemp is a company that specializes in manufacturing organic hemp wick, and was established in the early 2000's. The quality and efficiency of Humboldt Hemp is precisely why it is now sold all over the world. It is an amazing product that offers an alternative to inhaling butane fumes from a typical lighter. Their hemp wick is coated in California beeswax, and you can even purchase the hemp rope at different lengths and widths. Humboldt hemp wick is carefully and healthily manufactured. However, Humboldt also produces two types of hemp wick dispensers: glass on glass dispensers and pocket sized dispensers. As you can tell, this company is all about the hemp.

                They were founded in Arcata, California, and specialize in selling their products to local Humboldt County in particular. Towards the beginning of their journey, their experimentation with candle-making led them to the idea of using hemp fiber for producing an organic flame. When they received such positive feedback from the community, they decided to specialize in selling hemp wick as a business model. Now, they are a locally owned and operated store that provides outstanding quality, as their products are made in the USA.

                Furthermore, their company believes in educating the community about their products. They have written articles about the history of hemp wick and beeswax, as well as about general knowledge about hemp wick. Considering that hemp wick has been recently innovated into producing an organic flame, education is key. Having been up and running for over 7 years, Humboldt Hemp recognizes the need to inform their community about their product. It's a beautiful concept that hemp wick is one of the cleanest burns possible. And it's thanks to Humboldt Hemp that we have access to such an innovation, and are being educated about it too.


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