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                Higher State Creations has unique accessories that can make your smoking or dabbing experience much easier. Their company has taken an innovative approach to manufacturing smoking gear. They specialize in designing and creating silicone holsters that strap onto your bong or rig. These holsters are specially designed for different kinds of equipment, depending on your style and engagement in smoking. By using a silicone material in their products, your glass never gets warped or altered.

                One of their most popular holsters is called the SlapPack Lighter Holster. With the SlapPack, your lighter is always within reach and won’t go in between the couch cushions or into your friend’s pocket. In order to attach the product onto your bong, you must use the elastic strap. All you have to do is wrap the strap around the neck of your bong, and it will adjust accordingly for any size. The SlapPack has three different pockets, each designed perfectly for a specific item. The most central and obvious pocket is for a lighter. You'll never have to look for a lighter again, now that you'll have the perfect place to put it. The other two pockets are much smaller in size, and are located on either side of this central lighter pocket. You can use these narrower pockets for a dabber and poker, or any kind of tool with a long and narrow shape.

                Higher State Creations also manufactures a holster that is tailored for a dab rig; they call it the RigRider. Much like the SlapPack, the RigRider wraps around the piece. However, it is designed to go around the main chamber of your dab rig, rather than the neck. There is a holster for a dabber and an attached container for concentrates.

                Higher State Creations helps you focus on smoking or dabbing by keeping your necessary tools in one place.


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