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                Ordinary grinders are meant to simply do one thing. They shred your herbs for use. Then you need to empty your grinder into a separate container for storage. HerbSaver grinders combine both of these products into one to save you time, money, and effort. These grinders are made in the USA and grind your herbs while collecting your herbs and separating the pollen. The four piece grinders are medical grade and made of recycled material.

                One of the most popular products that HerbSaver produces is their 4 Piece Medical Grade PP Herb Grinder. It is an innovative and well-designed container for herbs. The dimensions of this container allow it to hold a large amount of herbs and tobacco. Beyond this product's containing capability, it is also great at grinding up your herbs. Combining an herb grinder with a storage container makes the smoking experience much simpler. HerbSaver's products are so much more efficient. Not only is the Medical Grade PP Herb Grinder a highly functional product, but it is also extremely easy to clean. In fact, it is designed to enhance the ease of cleaning. For instance, you can remove the steel pollen screen. You can even put this herb container in your dishwasher! On top of it all, this american-made product comes with a pollen scooper. 

                 If you are a customer looking to save money, HerbSaver is the company to turn to. Firstly, their products are highly affordable. You can get the 4 Piece Medical Grade PP Herb Grinder for just $20. However, it is also the engineering of HerbSaver products. Their grinders also act as storage containers. This means you won't have to buy two separate products. Everybody wants a really cool collection of smoking gear, but that often costs a pretty penny. With an HerbSaver grinder, you will be adding to your collection without spending a lot.


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