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                Started in 2004, herbalAire was founded by Bohdan Petyhyrycz. Petyhyrycz is a successful author in his other career, but in the meantime he is fully devoted to the continued happiness of his customers. Petyhyrycz also made the original prototype which received such positive reviews, they have only had to make minor tweaks and changes with each new version that was released. They constantly look for ways to make their already amazing products into better ones. The Canadian company has two models; the H Line and the Elite. Both vaporizer models come with many safety features, including auto shut-off technology, so there is no unnecessary heat expelled. This also helps with the lifespan of your desktop vaporizer. Each vape comes with its own 3 year warranty.

                The H Line and the Elite models are both tri-functional which means you can use a whip, balloon bag, or direct draw. The whip is a 30” long hose that allows you to sit back while enjoying your vapor and makes it easier while sharing with friends. The balloon bag is an easy way to control the size of your hits while not wasting any excess vapor. A balloon bag also allows you to come back to that excess vapor hours later without the vaporizer present. Direct draw is how you would inhale on any standard vaporizer mouthpiece; creating the most straightforward path for your vapor (going from the heating element to your mouth). Beyond the amazing functionality of these two vaporizers, they also share another notable feature: their sleek design. Both of these vaporizers have a bulbous base an inverted, tapered cylinder. The vape is most narrow in the middle, which emits a modern visual. Not only are herbalAire vaporizers high-functioning, but they also have a modern twist to their design. 

                Check out this collection of herbalAire vaporizers, and you'll be shocked at their capability.


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