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                Hemplights is an American company that produces hemp products. Hemplights is known for creating the original hemp wick lighter case and offering the only hemp wick lighter cases on the market. These lighter cases hold a built in spool of hemp wick so you can have a healthy smoking experience by avoiding the chemicals from lighting straight with butane or with other unhealthy lighting methods. The hemp used is 100% organic, the case will lengthen the life of your lighter, and the hemp wick provides a more healthy and better tasting smoking experience. The process is simple as well. Just light the wick, and place it on to the bowl of your hand pipe, bubbler, or bong. You'll see the benefits within minutes.

                We carry two different kinds of Hemplights products, each similar to one another but possessing key differences. The first of the products is called the Spooly. The Spooly is a lighter case engineered to fit a smaller lighter. The cool thing about the Spooly is that it hides a secret within itself: the hempwick. At first glance, you couldn't possibly realize that the lighter case is holding a roll of hempwick. That is because the hempwick is actually wrapped around a spool, which is stored within the lighter case. In order to reveal this handy little secret, you just need to pop off a cover on the underside of the lighter case. The spool of hempwick will be revealed. But why does the hempwick need to be on a spooly? Well, that's so you can keep getting slack from your hempwick as you use it. The only time you need to take out the spooly is to refill it with hempwick. Otherwise, you can just tug on the end of the hempwick whenever you need more!

                As opposed to the Spooly, the Wrapper has a slightly different design. Instead of storing the hempwick internally, it stores the wick externally. You wrap the hemp rope around these two nodes, then run it through the metal tube at the top of the case. Another distinguishing feature of the Wrapper is that it holds a standard  sized lighter, not a small one like the Spooly.

                If you are a fan of hemp wick, then you have to check out the Spooly and Wrapper. They make the process of using hempwick totally simple and easy. Trust Hemplights; they've got you covered.


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