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                Grunge Off is a subsidiary company of the infamous Sheldon Black Glass. They specialize in creating biodegradable and alcohol-free glass pipe cleaners. From hand cleaners to odor fresheners to glass cleaners, the company is dedicated to creating the cleanest smoking experience for their community. Of all of the products they manufacture, one stands alone with unparalleled utility: the Super Soaker. The Super Soaker is the gold standard of advanced cleaning technology, and represents the company's efforts to provide the cleanest smoking experience to their customers. Not only is it specially formulated for glass, but it also thoroughly removes residue and unwanted build-up. The Grunge Off Super Soaker doesn't require any shaking or scrubbing. It is even alcohol-free and doesn't use any abrasives. Better yet, it is reusable and made here in the USA. Their exclusive formula achieves sparkling clean results, and optimal results are achieved in optimal time. This means that the Super Soaker is a truly expedient product. All of the contents of this glass cleaner are non-toxic and environmentally friendly. The Super Soaker even deodorizes your glass after sanitizing. For smaller glass pieces, such as hand pipes, you can submerge them into the solution completely. On the other hand, for a taller water pipe, just pour the solution into the pipe and let is soak. Just return the Soaker solution to the bottle to be reused.

                Above all things, Grunge Off is a company that offers products of utility. When you purchase one of their products, you won't be disappointed by its functionality. Sometimes people buy products because of their design and aesthetic, and they turn to certain companies to satisfy that requirement. However, Grunge Off caters to a consumer that's looking for the best, most straightforward way to solve a problem. Not only will this company be able to provide you with expedience, but it does a service to the environment.


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