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                Based in the suburbs of Eugene, Oregon, Grog Glass’ Greg LeFevre seems to have a colorful outlook on the world, if his glass pipes are anything to go by. Greg’s work focuses on heady glass with heavy color saturation and flower motifs. He often uses dichroic glass and wavy construction to give his pipes a unique trippy aesthetic. Though focusing on glass water pipes, LeFevre also makes hand pipes, pendants, dabbers and jewelry.

                Grog Glass water pipes are consistently artistic, and consistently incorporate flowers into their aesthetic. The Double Flower Heady Glass Bong is a perfect example of the kind of water pipe the company produces. When you first lay eyes on this heady glass bong, you immediately notice the worked glass sculptures mounted to the exterior glass. They depict two reddish sunflowers facing away from each other. The color scheme of the body matches the scheme of the flowers. However, the body incorporates a gradient that starts from the base. Starting from the base, the colors go from orange to red to yellow to orange and back to red. From mouthpiece to base, this heady glass bong is covered in vibrant color. This water pipe is also capable of filtering your smoke thoroughly, as it is equipped with a removable downstem.

                 Believe it or not, the Double Flower Heady Glass Bong is one of Grog Glass's more toned down designs. They are capable of much more, such as the Double Flower Serendipity Bong demonstrates. This bong also depicts two sunflowers, but it also has multiple feathers coming off the exterior glass. On on side of the glass, there are brownish feathers coming off of what appears to be purple branches. There is also a purple feather that comes off of the bottom of the joint. To top it all off, the bong has a glass marble near the base. Like the rest of the body, it is colored with a faint blue.


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