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                Starting in Eugene, Oregon, with a brief stint in upstate New York, Scott Griffin created Griffin Glass to achieve a level of precision he wants to see in the flameworking field. Griffin Glass is made up of Scott and a team of passionate engineers and machinists who practice extreme quality control on every single product. Griffin glass formed in 2000 focusing on tools and accessories but are dabbling into functional and artistic water pipes and chillums. These chillums have quite the personality, just like the team over at Griffin Glass.

                To give you a better idea of what Griffin Glass chillums are like, let's dive into the details of some of the chillums we offer by them. Many of the chillums we carry by Griffin Glass are based on the Rolled Smoke Chillum. This piece functions the same way as any standard chillum, but it also has an interesting theme. The hand pipe is shaped like a rolled cigarette. On the bowl end of the piece, the circumference is spattered with a red color. The red color is meant to mimic a lit cigarette. The chillum tapers inward as you go towards the mouthpiece. You can purchase the Rolled Smoke Chillum in two colors: either white or black. 

                There are two offshoots of the Rolled Smoke Chillum: the Rolled Smoke Chillum with Mustache and the Curly Mustache Rolled Smoke Chillum. As the name states, these two hand pipes incorporate a mustache into their design. For both hand pipes, there is a worked glass sculpture of a mustache towards the end of the mouthpiece. The Curly Mustache Rolled Smoke Chillum has a curly, black mustache. On the other hand, the Rolled Smoke Chillum with Mustache has a straight mustache. Depending on your preference of fake mustaches, you can choose between these two themed chillums. 

                If you are looking for a themed chillum with quirks, peruse through this collection of Griffin Glass chillums.


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