Glass Adapters can transform your rig without the need to purchase a new bong or dab-rig.  Glass adapters can convert male connectors to female, change the size to accommodate different bowls or add ashcatchers.  There are so many different accessories that can be added to your rig, but without an adapter, you are limited.

Selecting an adapter is easy!  Select the size by your current rigs configuration.  

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Thick 14mm Female Quartz Banger


Grav 4.25" Charcoal Adapter (4 Pack)


Grav 2' Plug Adapter 19mm Joint Clear (5 pack)


Grav Chiller Glycerin Adaptor w/ Coil w/ 14mm Joint Assorted Colors


Grav 19mm Female to 19mm Female Adapter (5 Pack)


Grav 19/22 Male to 19/22 w/ 45 Degree Angle Male Adapter (5 Pack)


Grav 14mm Male to 14mm Male Adapter (5 Pack)


Grav 14/20 to 19/22 Adapters


Grav Dabitron Conversion Kit


Thick 10mm Quartz Banger Female