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                With a name like “Flytlab”, you know this company cares a lot about upward mobility. Hence why their motto is “Get Lifted”. Flytlab is famous for sponsoring massive parties for the Grammys and the Super Bowl with acts such as Rick Ross and French Montana. In addition to raising the bar for huge celebrations, Flytlab also aspires to raise the bar for the portable vaporizer industry. Their latest release the 'Lift' has unique innovations such as the “Coil Infused Ceramic Oven Tech” convection system that provides a true vaporization and modular design that includes an air chamber for home-smoking and a water chamber for cooler, smoother hits. Flytlab also sells e-liquids and replacement parts for their vaporizers.

                One of Flytlab's awesome products is called the "Lift" Herbal Vaporizer. This is a portable vaporizer capable of vaporizing dry herbs. The Lift Vaporizer has 3 temperature settings that it can cycle through. The temperatures range between 365°F - 425°F. Once you've adjusted the temperature to your desired setting, the rest is easy. From the moment you set your temperature to the moment the vape achieves that temperature, it only takes about 60 seconds! Unlike many other competing dry herb vaporizers, the you don't need to anxiously wait to begin vaporizing. To make matters even better, the vape features a magnetized cover over its chamber. The whole package includes a power plug, mini USB wire, and Flytlab tool set.

                Apart from their dry herb vaporizer, Flytlab has another really unique and functional vaporizer: the Fuse E-Hookah Vaporizer Kit. This innovative, electronic hookah allows you to literally fuse your materials. You can create your own customized flavors between dry herbs, concentrates, and e-liquids. You don't even need to power the Fuse E-Hookah Vaporizer on or off, as it is activated by your inhale. You will hear the sound of water bubbling once the vape has been activated.


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