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                Evolution Hookah produces handmade glass hookahs with unconventional designs. Rather than the classic Arab-inspired designs of most hookahs, Evolution - as their name implies - goes for a more scientific aesthetic. Most of their water pipes feature clear borosilicate glass construction with beaker-style bodies and bright-colored accents. Similar to many water bongs, some of Evolution’s hookahs have striking visual themes like skulls or leopard print.Evolution Hookah utilizes advanced designs often seen in high-end water bongs, such as “double-glass” construction. Whereas most hookahs have hollow chambers, Evolution hookahs have interior features such as removable downstems, percolators and ice-catchers. These unique features give the smoker the comfort of a luxury bong with the the function of a hookah. Unlike many hookah manufacturers, Evolution sells replaceable parts for their water pipes such as bowls, downstems and hoses.

                One of the company's finest products is the 15" Bella Hourglass Design Glass Hookah. This hookah is a great representation of Evolution Hookah's style. As with many of their innovative hookahs, the Bella Hourglass Design is equipped with a diffused downstem for optimal smoke filtration. This downstem is particularly effective, considering it has slits around the entire circumference of the bottom end. The luxurious design of this hookah is another characteristic that pervades their product line. Though you can purchase a more classically designed hookah from them, the company specializes in a modernized approach. Head over to the product page of the 15" Bella Hourglass Design Glass Hookah, so you can see the way the glass becomes narrow in the middle and tapers out at the ends. You'll also notice that there's a glass charcoal tray at the top. This is another shared detail among Evolution Hookah pipes, along with the beautifully branded logo across the main chamber of the glass.

                If you have a liking or fascination with hookahs, check out our collection of Evolution Hookahs. Their designs are bound to strike you as modern and unique.


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