Dry Herb Vaporizers

have become one of the most popular ways to consume cannabis.  These vaporizers transform your dry weed into a concentrated vapor. As they only heat the herb rather than burn, you'll enjoy more of the cannabis flavor rather than smoke. 


Dry Herb Vaporizers Come in several categories based on their heating method.

Convection Vaporizers

work by heating your marijuana or tobacco material by moving hot air over it. This hot air is set to a specific temperature which thoroughly vaporizes your herbs. 

Conduction Vaporizers

works by directly heating your herbs at an appropriate temperature.

Vaporizers have gained immense popularity due to their health benefits, such as reducing second-hand smoke and drastically decreasing toxic chemicals in your lungs. No other method of consuming cannabis or tobacco is as healthy as through vaporization.

Samurai Blaze Vaporizers come with a vast range of options that are ready out of the box so that you can indulge at a moments notice.


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