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                Dream Pipes is a glass manufacturer that creates freezable hand pipes made right here in the USA. The company was founded in 1999, and their high-grade borosilicate glass pipes are known for their glitter-filled appearance. With many colors to choose from, including a glow in the dark glass pipe, Dream Pipes provides an array of choices when it comes to durable and strong freezable glass pipes. You can use the Liquid Freezable Glitter Pipe by following just a couple easy steps. First, put the pipe into the freezer and cool them down before you engage in smoking. When the pipe is sufficiently cooled down, it functions in a manner similar to an ice catcher. The smoke will cool down before it is inhaled. Much of the heat from the smoke is absorbed by the walls of the pipe. Besides the amazing functionality of the Liquid Freezable Glitter Pipe, it is also quite the eye-catcher! Every color option is bright and vibrant. Plus, you can shake up the pipe in order to create a cool effect with the inner liquid. Don't be afraid of any possible leakage, as these pipes are equipped with a high-grade seal to prevent any leaks. Not only does the high-grade seal prevent leakage, but it also prevents overheating.

                Dream Pipes products go even further than their glitter spoon pipe. They also produce a chillum and dabber with this same liquid re-freezable engineering. Much like the spoon pipe, the Liquid Freezable Glitter Chillum has a cooling effect on the smoke. It also produces a fun visual effect when shaken. While the chillum looks and acts like the spoon, it is a better fit for people who enjoy a more narrow pipe with a bowl facing opposite the mouthpiece. The dabber also works and looks the same as the chillum and spoon pipe, but is tailored for those who use concentrate.

                If you enjoy well-engineered and vibrant spoon pipes, as well as smoking accessories, then turn your attention to Dream Pipes. Be sure to peruse this fun collection!


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