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                Years ago, Dr. Dabber set out on a mission to create the healthiest, most flavorful vaping experience for their customers. With their line of superior vape pens, Dr. Dabber has achieved its goal. Their latest vape pens, the Aurora and Boost, use a low-heat Titanium technology that produces a flavorful and pure vapor. Dr. Dabber’s vape pens are of the highest quality and they function extremely well. Not only do these vape pens produce a healthy and flavorful vapor, but they are also discrete in appearance. Being portable and subtle, Dr. Dabber vape pens let you enjoy your oils incognito. Additionally, Dr. Dabber offers multiple tools for dabbing such as the Honeymat: a silicone mat for your rig. Being a top-tier company in the industry, Dr. Dabber considers a dabber’s every need in order to provide a world class experience.

                It took the company years of searching in order to achieve the best vaporizing experience possible. They wanted to decrease the health risks as much as possible, as health is a primary concern in the vaping industry. After searching far and wide, they realized that there wasn't anything out there that satisfied their requirements. So, they decided to take on the endeavor by themselves. They set out to create a vape pen that is both convenient and reliable, while maintaining a powerful potency of vapor. Beyond the functionality of their vaporizer pens, they wanted to achieve a discreet yet stylish design as well. Now, their portable vaporizer pens are a force to be reckoned with in the vaporizer industry. For instance, their Aurora Vaporizer is a high-performance concentrate vape pen that includes a substantial amount of accessories. Just like Dr. Dabber set out to accomplish, the Aurora Vaporizer is sleek and stylish in design, while maintaining top-notch functionality. The ceramic atomizer, combined with the low-heat technology, produces the best flavor of vapor.

                Look to Dr. Dabber for a high-performance vaporizer that is sure to satisfy even the connoisseurs of vaping.


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