Dab Accessories

At Samurai Blaze we offer many accessories to enhance your concentrate experience.  From dab tools, e-nails, titanium dab accessories, and butane torches, we supply everything to make your dab-rig the beast you deserve.  Get high without breaking the bank!

SUMO CYCLONE - 10 inch Silicone Recycler and Quartz Banger


Special Blue - Terminator Butane Torch


Thick 14mm Female Quartz Banger


Blazer AutoPilot Glass Rig Attachment by SCRO


Blazer GT 8000 Big Shot Butane Torch


NoGoo Silicone Mini Rig


NoGoo Silicone Finger Tips - Yellow


Special Blue Butane 5x Refined - 12 pack


NoGoo Silicone Spoon


NoGoo 10ml Silicone Jar - Green


Blazer Big Shot Torch Koozie


Special Blue Butane Torch - Monster Double Flame


NoGoo XL Plastic Jar w/ Silicone Insert


NoGoo Silicone Zippered Case - Black


NoGoo Silicone Finger Tips - Green


NoGoo Non-Stick Containers - 5/pk


NoGoo LG Mat w/ Logo - Green


NoGoo 8"x8" Silicone Deep Dish - Green