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                Like Leonardo Da Vinci himself, Da Vinci has created art out of the portable vape. Their first entry, the titular Da Vinci, boasts an intriguing walkie-talkie-like design that houses advanced temperature control and a storage compartment for later use. The Da Vinci is also well-known for its flavor retention: it lacks the plastic or metal aftertaste associated with lower quality vapes. The Ascent has many of these same qualities, along with a wider selection of colors and a glass mouthpiece. The Nevada-based vaporizer company has wowed reviewers and customers alike with their products and that doesn't seem to be changing any time soon.

                A short explanation of their Ascent Vaporizer would certainly help you to understand the uniqueness and performance of the company's products. One of the best features of the Ascent is its dual-use capability. You can use the vaporizer with either dry herbs or concentrates. Furthermore, the temperature has a digital temperature control system, so you can easily adjust the temperature to your most comfortable setting. The vape has a digital display to that both displays the temperature and tells you how much battery you have left. To make matters even better, you don't have to wait long for the vape to heat up. You can even choose from a multitude of colors: burl wood, carbon fiber, skull, and stealth. Take a look at the Ascent Vaporizer product page to see the awesome design that Da Vinci has given the vape.

                Perhaps, The Da Vinci Vaporizer, is of more interest to you. The Da Vinci vape is more compact and easier to transport. It is absolutely perfect for a discreet vaping session. Like the Ascent vaporizer, this vape is also dual-use. It also has a digital temperature control. There is even a 2-year warranty that comes with the vape, covering any defect related to the heating element. The vape also uses a flex-straw mouthpiece, which looks like the antenna of a walkie talkie. The overall design of the vape mimics a walkie talkie, so check out the product page and see it for yourself!


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