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                CloudV creates high-end portable electronic vaporizers and are one of the leading companies in their field. They are located in southern California, and they use the highest quality materials in their vapes. CloudV has a wide selection of both dry herb vaporizers and concentrate vaporizers, providing a product selection that is guaranteed to meet the demands of any smoker. These vaporizers are designed with quality, efficiency, and innovation, and the batteries always come with a manufacturer’s warranty. CloudV has earned the respect and recognition they deserve as industry leaders, by winning 7 awards for Best Product from High Times Magazine. This makes CloudV the most awarded portable vaporizer company out there.

                Regarding the concentrate vaporizers that CloudV manufactures, one of the most popular is the CloudV Classic Vaporizer. This is a perfect vaporizer for somebody who is trying to vape on the go, but also appreciates a well-designed product. The battery is impressively durable, and can last anywhere between 24 and 48 hours. As if that wasn't enough already, this vaporizer comes with a lifetime warranty. 

                As for their dry herb vaporizers, the Terra Herbal Vaporizer is a great choice. Not only is it pocket-sized and easy to transport, but it also has optimized temperature settings. There are two temperature presets, depending on the heat setting that is most preferable to you for vaping. Overall, this dry herb vape has an optimized heating chamber and an awesome design. This vape looks really sleek and modern, on top of its cutting edge engineering.

                If you are into vaporizing, but like to do it on the go, CloudV is a company that would suite you well. They are even better suited for you if you enjoy a well-designed vaporizer. No matter the CloudV vape that you stumble upon, you will recognize how unique its design is.


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