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                Chameleon Glass is one of our most popular manufacturers, and for a good reason. They have consistently been putting out top-quality work in their hand pipes, bubblers, and accessories since 1991. Based out of Arizona, they're a 100% American operation. Chameleon Glass has American manufacturing, American employees, and good old-fashioned high quality products. Chameleon makes our extremely popular lineup of character hand pipes as well as an assortment of beautiful adapters and replacement parts.

                Not only does Chameleon Glass produce some of the coolest themed hand pipes on the market, but they also come from humble beginnings. As they put it, "necessity is the mother of invention." At first, they were just trying to get from one stop to another in order to sell their products in lots. As their shows went on, their group was slowly being formed. They were from all different backgrounds, but whether they were salesmen or artists, they collectively made up the center of Chameleon Glass. Much of the original group is still with the company to this day, located near the city of Trinidad, California. As the company grew, they began to take notice of the vast market sitting before their eyes. Thus, they moved their warehouse to Phoenix. Currently, Chameleon glass is a family owned and run manufacturer of glass products. Their specialty is clearly themed hand pipes, as they have access to some extremely talented glassblowers. They have even gone as far as creating community-specific accessories. For instance, they removed cleaning holes and added plastic mouthpieces when requested by local retailers. Granting them even more credibility is the fact that they are a member of the Retail Tobacco Dealers Association (RTDA) and National Tobacco Outlet Association (NATO). This means that all of their products conform to the regulations and standards of both the organizations. 


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