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                C2 Custom Creations is an American glass company established in 1994 and based out of North Hollywood, California. With 20 years in the industry, C2 Glass brings plenty of experience and reliability. Their large array of scientific glass pipes including water pipes, bubblers, and dab rigs are made from high grade materials. The use of scientific glass gives C2 Custom Creations bongs a clean and sleek appearance. The company's glassware is known for diverse and unique percolators in their dab rigs and water pipes including mushroom percs, showerhead percs, barrel percs, inline percs, ratchet percs, and many more.

                While C2 might have some amazing bongs and rigs in their product line, their bubblers are extremely popular. Not only are they the perfect size, but they are also always equipped with a highly capable perc for optimal diffusion. The Double Showerhead Perc Water Pipe, for instance, is a prime example of C2 bubblers. As its name suggests, the bubbler utilizes a double showerhead percolator. This means that your smoke will filter twice as thoroughly, compared to a standard singular showerhead. Regarding its design, the Double Showerhead Perc Water Pipe looks quite modern. For one thing, it has a recessed joint. This means that the joint is embedded into the glass; it also streamlines the facilitation of smoke into the perc. Also, the mouthpiece is ergonomically designed. Because of the neck's angle, physical strain is minimized. When a bong's neck points straight up, it requires a person to bend their neck at an awkward angle. Every C2 Custom Creations bubbler has an ergonomic design to prevent this from happening. 

                If you're looking for a more massive water pipe, they've also got you covered. Check out the Triple Barrel Perc Bent neck bong, which has a 5 inch base. If you are concerned about clean and cool smoke, this water pipe is perfect for you. It has not one, not two, but three barrel percs! Just one barrel perc produces significant diffusion, but three will make your smoke even cleaner and cooler. 

                Whether you're looking for a water pipe or bubbler, a large piece or a small one, C2 Custom Creations is a company to consider. Take a look at this collection, no matter what your preferences are. You won't be disappointed!


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