Bubbler Pipes

Bubbler Pipes are an awesome portable solution to a bong. Bubblers function similar to water pipes in the way they filter smoke through water and percolation. Bubble pipes are small like dry pipes and have a built in down-stem and water reservoir. If you are looking for a small travel companion, consider a bubbler pipe.

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Three Reasons Bubbler Pipes are Great for any Smoker


Bubbler Pipes are super portable and easy to travel with. They're small enough to fit in a backpack, purse or any travel case.  


The Perfect Alternative to a Bong

If you're like me, I don't always prefer to use a bong. I love the way a bong hits, but sometimes I want a quick sesh while on the go. I pour a small amount of water into the pipe, pack a bowl and take a few smooth hits... Then I blow a silky white cloud.


So many great options

Bubblers have been around for awhile; they have had time to mature and develop to what they are today. Glass designers from all over the globe have created many unique shapes, sizes and options. At Samurai Blaze, we've carefully selected bubble pipes from brands we feel to be unique and worthy of our customers.



What is a bubbler?

A bubbler is a type of hand held pipe that features a bowl, integrated downstem, carb hole and percolator. Water is poured into the chamber where it filters smoke before it leaves the pipe and enters your mouth.


How do I select the right bubbler for me?

Selecting the right bubbler can be difficult with the many options and prices. At Samurai Blaze we want you to be informed and comfortable with your purchase. We are available 24/7 to answer questions and assist in your purchase.  


How do I use my bubbler?

Using your bubbler is easy.

  1. Safety First: Ensure your bubbler is clean and not cracked or broken.  
  2. Pour a small amount of water through the bowl area or mouth opening. If your pipe has a removable bowl, remove the bowl and fill the reservoir with enough water to clear the downstem. Bubblers are typically clear, so should be able to see the water level.
  3. Pack the bowl with your desired amount.
  4. Ensure you have a good grip around the bowl with your finger or thumb on the carb.
  5. Light your dry herb and enjoy.

Help, my Glass Bubbler arrived broken, what do I do?

Don't Panic! - We have your back. Our partnerships with our suppliers come with factory guarantees on glass broken during transit. Contact us immediately and we will get it replaced for you.


GRAV 7.5" Sip Series Bubbler - Martini Shaker - Clear (14mm Bowl) Fixed 8-Hole Fission Downstem


GRAV 4" Sip Series Bubbler - Milk Carton - Clear (14mm Bowl) Fixed Downstem


GRAV 7.5" Sip Series Bubbler - Slush Cup - Clear (14mm Bowl) Fixed 6 Cut Downstem


Marley Natural Smoked Glass Bubbler


Marley Natural Bubbler


GRAV 7" Sip Series Bubbler - Martini Glass - Clear (14mm Bowl) Fixed 8-Hole Disc Downstem


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