Grav, bubbler, GRAV Upright Pocket Bubbler Clear. On sale with Free Shipping at Samurai Blaze

    GRAV Upright Pocket Bubbler Clear


    GRAV Labs Upright Pocket Bubbler Clear
    Pocket bubblers are versatile, portable, and fun! They can fit a 10mm flower bowl, a 10mm quartz banger for concentrate, or even a well-rolled joint or blunt. The bubbler chamber adds a little water filtration while still keeping the piece nice and compact. The upright bubbler has a natural perc and a little more water capacity than the other pocket bubblers. It also has a smaller footprint and fits more comfortably in a pant pocket.
    This piece comes without accessories. Use it with a hand-rolled blunt or joint, or pick up a 10mm cup bowl or 10mm quartz banger to pair with it


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