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                As part of the larger company Royal Fragrances, Bluntmax endeavors to make The Strongest Fragrance In The Room. Despite the aggressiveness of that goal, Bluntmax’s incense and air fresheners create a pleasant environment through their fruity and mild scents. These products can be used during a smoke session, afterwards or even by themselves to brighten up a room’s smellscape. Their variety of 15 hand-dipped incense sticks range from the familiar - like Vanilla and Baby Powder - to the exotic - like Frankincense and Sandal Wood. And at more than affordable prices, everyone can benefit from having a BluntMax product in their home.

                If you are attracted to the smell of incense sticks, you should definitely give the BluntMax incense sticks a try. If you want to make a full and long-term commitment to these incense sticks, head over to the 72-pack product page. There, you can purchase 72 packs of your favorite BluntMax fragrance. On the other hand, you may just want to try out some of the fragrances that BluntMax offers. In this case, you should try a single pack of incense sticks. Each pack of incense sticks contains 12 sticks that each reach a length of 12 inches. 

                These incense sticks will burn for hours, which for incense-lovers is great, but some people may be overwhelmed by it. If you feel that incense sticks aren't for you, you need not worry. Luckily, BluntMax manufactures a different solution to masking unwanted smells: the Premium Air Freshener Spray. As opposed to the 15 different fragrances available with the incense sticks, the Air Freshener Spray has 26 different fragrances you can choose from. These fragrances are really unique, having names from Eternity Type to Money Blessing. If the Premium Air Freshener Spray has your attention, head over to the product page to see the expansive selection of fragrances.

                If you need some help masking any unwanted odors, look to BluntMax for the solution.


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