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                As their name implies, Aspire strives to be everything a company should be. Founded in 2013, Aspire is unique for manufacturing all of their vaporizers in their American and British factories. As if that wasn’t enough, they also have a research and development department that has over 25 patented products. The R&D department’s goal is to develop at least one new product every three months, which is more than four new models a year. Even Aspire’s vape designs for their signature Odyssey kits are especially classy, with their primary colors being rose-gold, platinum, and gunmetal. The fruits of the R&D department’s labors have resulted in innovations such as Aspire E-Liquid vape pen’s BVC (Bottom Vertical Coil) atomizer. This allows for more pure and clean hits while also making the liquid in the tank last longer. They also developed The Nautilus Mini tank which caters to the user's experience by providing an adjustable four port airflow system which allows you to change the warmth of vapor, the draw, and the amount of vapor released. These leaps in technology help explain how Aspire became such a popular company in a few short years.

                One of the most popular vaporizers we carry, by Aspire, has to be the E Liquid Premium Vaporizer Kit. This vape pen is equipped with the Nautilus mini tank, which the company is widely known for. The tank is made from a combination of stainless steel and pyrex glass. Not only is it durable in construction, but it also performs incredibly. Thanks to the bottom vertical coil within the atomizer, the user receives the cleanest of hits possible. Better yet, the tank also increases efficiency. Each fill of the tank will last you longer. And to give the user complete autonomy over the kind of vapor they inhale, the tank has an adjustable airflow feature.


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