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                AMG stands for American Made Glass, and they stay true to the name. Their glass water pipes, dab rigs, and bubblers are all made out of thick borosilicate glass right here in the USA. AMG also produces hand pipes, glass jars, and beakers and straight tube tobacco bongs. Want an AMG product customized? Contact us by phone or email to order an AMG piece in a style or color you don't see here.

                As for AMG Glass bongs and rigs, they are usually taller in stature. Take the Skull Pattern Water Pipe for example, which reaches a height of 18 inches. This water pipe has a straight tube design, and it covered in a skull pattern from mouthpiece to base. While the entire surface area of the water pipe is covered in this pattern, you can still see into the bong. This is especially important for people who like to see the smoke building within the neck. Another feature of this bong that's shared with many AMG bongs, is the diffused downstem percolator. AMG does does not forget function nor design in their water pipes.

                Apart from their water pipes, AMG Glass hand pipes are also worth checking out. They produce both spoon pipes and steamrollers. AMG even produces storage containers for your dry herbs. Take the Leopard Print Cork Jar, for instance. Not only is it roomy enough for your too storage a sizable amount of herbs, but it also utilizes a cork as a top. The cork top creates an airtight seal that prevents any smell from getting out, while also safely securing your dry herbs. Plus, the outside of the glass has a leopard print design. You can purchases the Leopard Print Cork Jar in two colors: black or pink. 

                Whether you are looking for a water pipe, hand pipe, or storage jar, AMG Glass produces it. Check out this diverse collection of AMG products!


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