Reefer Moms United

by Sierra Gumm on September 17, 2019
Reefer Moms United is a fun and ubiquitous group of 50,000 like minded cannabis loving women who come together to support one another through all of the ups and downs of motherhood. We share funny stories, recipes, amazing pieces, blunt art, pictures of our kids and many more things. We are extremely proud to say that we have helped several of our members through some very hard emotional times and proven to them that they are not alone; that they have a voice and people who care.
Our membership includes moms, step-moms, angel moms and transgender moms who have transitioned or are transitioning from male to female.
The team of Reefer Moms United strives to bring new and amazing content to the group to keep it constantly fresh and thriving so that as we grow, our members do not become bored. We come up with and physically create our own games that have been shared by many pages and groups because of the quality and uniqueness.
We love holding contests for our members and providing amazing prizes as well as member spotlights by way of the “star member” which is held weekly. The member is featured right on our cover photo.
We believe that by providing a safe, cannabis loving place for all moms that we are making a difference in their lives and we hope to see many more moms come our way in the future.

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