Thermochromic Banger Nails, and Proper Usage

by justin morrone on November 05, 2020

thermochromic bangers and proper usage

Quartz thermochromic

Quartz thermochromic banger nails are one of the latest advancements in quartz nail technology. They are double walled banger nails that contain sand, or quartz frit that when heated to a certain temperature, changes color. They have a variety of colors and sands used for this, however most of them contain yellow material, that turns to

orange or lemon red. They also have thermochromic core bangers, that contain different varieties of material depending on brand, inside the reactor, in one large color changing 

clump, usually cylinder shaped, rather than being loose sand form, such as a regular thermochromic banger, like what is being described here. The idea behind this, is that it

 eliminates a need for a thermometer of any other variety, and ideally, allows you to judge your correct preferred temperature visually. Now since it is a double walled banger nail,

 in order to ensure everything is kept at the same temperature, and you know you have your temperature correct, you need to use, and heat it properly. 

The standard banger nail

Now for any banger nail, its non - ideal to heat it for too long in any one spot, or to use too much heat all at once. Most large, typical kitchen butane torches, on a low 

to a medium - low setting, produce a flame cone about an inch and a half long. This is ideal. Now that you have your torch set correctly, you want to start applying heat to the

 bottom first, moving your flame around in a circle semi - quickly for roughly ten seconds. with your torch still lit, begin counting out ten seconds yet again, as you move your 

torch around in little circles, going all the way around the inside bucket with the tip of the flame cone. you should reach back around to the spot you started, by the time you've 

reached ten seconds. As a general rule, most thermochromic bangers only require you to do this twice, right in a row, to achieve proper heat. You find out what your proper, or 

preferred heat is, simply by experimenting until you find it, or by using a temp gun once or twice while paying attention to what color the material is. You want to heat your banger

 nail just slightly past your ideal temperature, so that you don't need to rush things, but also because it ensures a much greater chance of an even temperature all throughout. This is

 the proper way to heat your banger nail, and not only ensure maximum functionality, but also, helps to greatly retain the strength and integrity of your banger nail.

There are a variety of accessories that are made to be used with different varieties of banger nails, but for a thermochromic banger nail, using terp pearls, paired with a

 good vortex cap, (a small one that fits) or ideally, a globed spin cap, is a very popular, and very effective combination used widely, the brands of which, vary by each individuals 

taste. These are ideal on bongs, recyclers, large bubblers, and just about any other water filtered rigging apparatus. These accessories are becoming more prevalent, and easier to

 find simply by internet search by the day, and it shouldn't be hard to find any of the above described items. 


Now it's fairly simple to use a banger nail, however, what isn't common knowledge, and what most people actually don't know or do, is how to clean, and/or aftercare for

 your banger. Let's start with heat. Too much heat will crack the stem of your rig. Most of which are quite pricey. This isn't a nice situation, How is that prevented? Using a drop 

a down adapter, a gooseneck adapter, or a reclaim catcher, is a cheap and excellent way to protect your piece from that unintended heat. Let that 9 dollar piece of glass take the

 abuse. After you've used your banger nail, even if you used it at the right temperature, you've got residue. Less so with a high quality nail compared to a low quality nail. But all

the same, nobody likes residue or chaz in their banger nail, as it takes from the taste of your concentrates, and sometimes prevents your terpene pearls from spinning. So after

you have used your banger nail, while it's still hot/warm, dip a Q-tip in 91% or higher isopropyl alcohol, and simply wipe it out until all the residue is gone. it may take a few of them

 but it's worth it if you have a beautiful banger nail you'd prefer to keep clean. run a dry Q-tip after you've gotten all the residue, just to catch any fibers, or leftover residue or alcohol.

They make an excellent cleaner just for this as well called 710 solution. But the alcohol is an effective, cheaper solution. There are claims that this poses a low risk of cracking 

terpene pearls if they're still too hot, and made of glass and not quartz, But there very little if any evidence backing this claim up, and I've never personally experienced this myself, 

being a firm user of this cleaning method. However, if you ARE concerned with cracking a terpene pearl in this process, just dump them into a silicon jar, or onto a silicon mat,

 clean your banger out, and then just drop your pearls right back in. However this will mean your terp pearls may still have a bit of residue. If the pearls themselves get too dirty, 

 you can, however, boil them in water safely, and then wipe them off to clean them relatively well. Following these guidelines? one should be able to operate a thermochromic banger

nail safely, and effectively.


Author: Justin M.

Date: 11/52020


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