The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning a Bong

by Bryce Robinson on August 29, 2019
The ultimate guide to cleaning your bong. 9 Easy steps

How to clean your Bong in 9 Easy Steps

Bongs get dirty most of the times, so, it is not advisable to smoke weed with a dirty bong. It’s common for stoners to smoke using a clean bong. When your bong becomes nasty, it will start emitting bad odors which can cover any flavorful terpenes within your cannabis. It is easy to learn how to clean a bong, and there are some common ways to do it.

Before you begin make sure you get tools including alcohol, salt, cotton balls, Q-tips, or toothbrush, hand towels and small bags. When you’ve gathered all your tools, use this simple process to clean your bong.


Step 1- Empty the Dirty Bong Water

Most people usually forget about emptying the dirty water from their bongs. So it’s advisable empty the dirty bong water and ensure that there’s no water in your bong.


Step 2- Take Your Bong Apart

Detach the bowl and the stem from the original bong. Some bowls and stems are detachable, so it’s advisable to remove them. Some bongs are also made up of several detachable or removable parts, which means you'll also need to disconnect those removable parts.


Step 3- Clean All the Pieces with Hot Water

Before you begin the rinsing the pieces, make sure you have constant flow of hot water because it removes residue that hangs on the surface of your bong. It also removes the sticky residue which are hard to remove using a stick. The constant flow of hot water has to be at an average temperature to prevent your hands from burning.


Step 4- Place every Loose Piece in Its Container

When you detach a part from the original bong, place it in a Tupperware container to prevent the part from getting missing. Also, note that the bong should not be placed in a plastic container.

Add about half a cup of alcohol and salt to every Tupperware container with a detachable part. Larger bongs might require you to increase the amount of alcohol and salt you put in each part.

Step 5- Shake

After placing alcohol and salt in each Tupperware container, close the container and constantly shake it. When shaking the container, the alcohol and the salt will go through all the smallest holes and dissolve the sticky residue caused by excess marijuana.

You have to constantly shake the pieces to facilitate the movement of the alcohol and salt. You may need to add more alcohol and salt before shaking again. The more dirty your pieces, the more alcohol and salt will need to be added.

After successfully shaking your pieces, they will become clean, place them somewhere safe before moving to the next step.


Step 5- Add Salt in the Bong

Fill your bong with about three tablespoons of salt. The larger the bong, the more salt you will need to add. The purpose of the salt is to make the solution more abrasive of the solution you’re making.


Step 6- Add Alcohol into the Bong

Fill your bong with about half a cup of alcohol. The larger the bong, the higher the amount of alcohol added. A correct measurement of salt and alcohol will be important factor in cleaning your bong.  


Step 7- Cover all the Open spots

Cover all the holes in your bong using hand towels or cotton balls. If you don’t have a hand towel, then use plastic wraps or rubber bands to cover the holes. Tiny holes can be covered using cotton balls.


Step 8- Shake Continuously

After covering all the holes, constantly shake the bong to allow the alcohol and salt solution to spread across all the tiny holes in the bong. The longer you shake, the cleaner your bong.


Step 9- Rinse all the tools Using Hot Water

After constantly shaking your bong for about ten minutes, empty the alcohol/salt solution from the bong and remove the small pieces from the Tupperware container. You the constant flow of hot water to rinse both the bong and the small pieces.

The purpose of rinsing your bong with hot water is to dissolve the alcohol, salt and sticky resin from the surfaces of your bong. A Q-tip or toothbrush is used to remove any sticky resin on the bowl or the stem. After rinsing all the parts, keep them in a separate place and allow everything to dry.


Step 9- Redo the Process

After doing all the steps, your bong should be clean. However if your bong is still dirty, then it’s advisable to redo all the steps until your bong finally becomes clean. Remember to increase the amount of alcohol and salt in your bong to facilitate the process.



After carrying out all the steps, you will realize that it’s an easy task to clean your bong. Thus, you don’t need to buy expensive chemicals for your bong to become clean.


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