The Sumo Pipe Rundown

by Raegan Castillo-Fontana on September 13, 2019

One of the best, most sturdy hand pipes I’ve ever owned is the Sumo Pipe. This one is great for everyone, but is especially fitting for the clumsy person or outdoor enthusiast. The design is brilliant. An aluminum alloy metal, which is corrosion resistant, acts as a protective armor around each of the two shock resistant Pyrex pieces. It handles drops at a decent height on dirt or rocks, barely scuffing the metal. Now I’m not telling you to throw this bad boy and see just how durable it is, because it's possible the glass can break. It isn’t break proof by any means, but it’s more durable than any other glass hand pipe I’ve ever used. Perfect for camping and river trips, or any outdoor trip, period. 

Aside from the impressive armor and shock resistant Pyrex glass being ridiculously protected from drops and accidents, the Sumo Pipe still gives you a clean and smooth hit with the Pyrex glass. Be aware that fire nor heat ever have to touch the metal at all, it simply serves as the protective casing. Another feature it gives you is the interchangeable carb selection, giving you an option to use your left and or right hand. It’s a simple modular design that gives the smoker ease of use and convenient customization.

As for taking care of this heavy duty piece, and as I mentioned before, if handled improperly, it could possibly break. So make sure to follow the maintenance instructions carefully. I would recommend everyday light cleaning; after using, remove the bottom thread under the bowl. You can use a coin to unscrew it. Ash and resin will often get trapped in the very bottom, so you’ll want to make sure and keep this little chamber unobstructed. If you’re a more frequent user of the Sumo, a heavier cleaning is recommended every so often. In doing so, you’ll want to dump the ash from the bowl first. Next, use a medium sized container or bowl and fill with warm water and a small amount of regular dish soap, and fully submerge the pipe. This loosens up everything inside, specifically the threads, and makes the two glass pieces easier to remove from the aluminum casing. After a few minutes of soaking, now you can take the pipe and unscrew the bowl from the stem. You may want to use a little force to push the glasses out of their housing. Once both pieces are out, you can clean them individually with the pipe cleaners that came with the piece itself, and a little more warm water and dish soap. Simple as pie!

This pipe will stand the test of time if you are careful and keep up the maintenance. And if you do happen to break one of the glass pieces, don’t fret! Samurai Blaze sells replacements for about 15 bucks. In addition to the ease of use, maintenance and replacement pieces, Samurai Blaze also says that in the ‘not too distant future,’ there will be exciting new add-ons like standard bowl adapters, glass bubblers, plastic bottle adapters and downstems, just to name a few. I personally can’t wait! 

In the meantime, I’m following all the advice I give to keep my Sumo Pipe in tip top shape. It’s assuring to know how to break down, clean and properly use your piece, as well as being able to replace certain pieces. But what truly gives me peace of mind with my piece is that Samurai Blaze offers a 1 year limited warranty, giving you complete confidence in your purchase. Not only is it a great pipe, it is an investment with a trustworthy and knowledgeable company. I couldn’t even ask for more.


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