The Samurai Thick F#@king Glass Bong is My Favorite Bong

by Raegan Castillo-Fontana on August 20, 2019
No matter how may times I’ve told myself, “I’m going to be very careful with this beautiful glass bong, I will not drop it because I learned my lesson from last time,” I always end up making another clumsy mistake, causing my beautiful pipe dreams to go up in smoke. ‘Shattered’ would be the more appropriate term, most of the time, but never mind that. 
I’ve come to terms with the fact that I will inevitably damage whatever glass piece that comes my way, and have to buy a new one, which is wasteful and expensive. The best idea was to find a strong and durable bong that could withstand my being accident prone. This is when my husband came across the Samurai Thick F#@king Glass Bong. He’d been looking a while, actually. (The pieces I broke were his too.) So he jumped on it pretty quick, as they were selling out fast.
The Samurai Thick F#@king Glass Bong has come to be my favorite bong.
It is the most durable water bong I have ever owned. My hubby labels it, ‘clumsy stoner girl proof.’ It’s made with 9mm thick glass and has a wide, sturdy base. A handful of times I’ve bumped into it and it slid or barely tipped, staying firmly in its place.  Only once did I knock it onto the floor, and not a scratch. It bounced just a little and rolled to the stem. Lucky me, all I had to clean up was the bong water.
The size of this pipe is just about perfect too. It isn’t too big or too small. It still fits under coffee tables and end tables or in closet shelves. It also doesn’t take up a lot of space. Sometimes pieces take up space or are difficult to store or travel with. This is another way I end up breaking them. My Gandalf pipe never had a chance. One weekend trip and it was in 3 pieces by its return home, and there was nothing magical about that.
Cleaning this piece is a breeze. From my hubby’s list of natural, household cleaning tips and tricks: Use a wine cork to cork the stem of piece. Fill it with isopropyl alcohol and kosher salt. Let it soak for several hours. The longer, the better. When you’re finished with the soak, cover the top of the bong and shake if for several minutes. Now empty the bong and remove the cork and rinse with dish soap and water. If there is anything left on the glass, you can scrub it with a soft stove brush. Just remember, the longer you soak and shake, the less scrubbing you will have to do.
Like any other bong, it has it’s own hitting experience. When I use it to its highest potential with water and ice, the pull is cool and deep. With neither ice nor water, still that nice deep hit, just not as cool, temperature wise. Either way, Thick F#@king Glass Bong always has smooth and solid rips that my household very much enjoys.
Best bong, hands down, I’ve ever owned. Because of all the things I love about it, I know it holds its value. I spent less than $100 on it and it has thus far outlasted every other glass piece I’ve owned, some of which costed even more. This is a high quality product, steadily holding its value and I would definitely recommend it to anyone that may also be accident prone for peace of mind. 

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