The Samurai Original

by Raegan Castillo-Fontana on September 20, 2019


In search of a simple, strong and convenient hand pipe, I would say to look no further. If you recall my last blog praising the Sumo Pipe, know that this pipe, the Samurai (previously known as the Shredder) was the original pipe that I saw the idea of strong glass stems and bowls well protected within an all aluminum-housing. Many times before, when I was a glass pipe snob, I’d spend money on a beautiful and artistic piece, hoping to keep it safe and that I would have it for..well, forever. This isn’t reality for a typical person, let alone a silly ditz like me. 

Accidents happen, even when we do everything possible to prevent them, which is why I sought out a pipe that I would have a minimal chance of breaking. That is when I found the Samurai, a perfect balance of glass and metal. It has all the benefits of a smooth, clean hit with its internally protected glass and the safeguard of a literal metal shield. Like most of my pieces, I’ve dropped my Sammi numerous times, and so far so good. Traveling with it is a breeze, as it unscrews and breaks down into two pieces, giving it better linear storage. 

Cleaning my Sammi is a fairly simple task, although if not done regularly, it could get messy. Depending on how often you use it, it can build up resin in its chamber pretty quickly. If you use it daily, I would recommend a basic cleaning it at least once or twice a week. A basic cleaning is to just get the build up out of the chamber. Unscrew the two main pieces and take the rubber gasket and screen out of the side of the bowl. Next, you can push the glass bowl up and out of the aluminum bowl. From there you can remove the resin build up. 

If you want to do a deeper clean, take your glass bowl, your metal bowl and the assembled stem and soak them in warm, soapy water. The longer the better. After they've been soaked, you can use a washcloth and pipe cleaners to remove the layer of resin. For an even more thorough cleaning, although it isn’t necessary, additionally push the glass stem from its base where it connects to the bowl out the opposite way, where the mouthpiece is. I use a little metal Alan wrench because it can be a little difficult to push the stem out. Also watch the gaskets in the stem, as they like to wriggle out. This would also be an instruction to remove the glass stem if it somehow cracked or broke in its metal exoskeleton. And in that case, Samurai Blaze does sell the replacement glass for about $15. 

The Samurai Pipe has withstood the test of glass-pipe time, being durable and protective in its aluminum, and still provides a smooth glass hit. It’s pretty easy to clean and to replace the glass pieces, and even comes in several different illuminating colors. For all of that, you absolutely cannot beat the price for what you get, and I am a truly satisfied customer.


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