The Bape710 Will Change the Way You Vape

by Raegan Castillo-Fontana on November 05, 2019


The #BAPE710 is an interesting piece of equipment. At first I was unsure, simply because I had never used such a hybrid type of smoking utensil. I was unfamiliar with it, which is probably how most would view it, but it is an extremely easy piece to adjust to. As I began using it, I realized that having a choice as far as how I vape my herb, and how that herb was set, was a great asset to have!

It’s called a Bape710, and sounds like exactly what it is: half bong and half vaporizer. It’s paired with 4 coils, a glass bubbler and magnetic pockets for herb storage. It also comes with a non-stick silicone mat, a silicone storage jar for wax and shatter, a dabbing tool and a nice sturdy box for shipping and storage. I must also note, though it doesn’t come with a preinstalled battery, they are easy to find at mostly any vape shop, or even Amazon: 18650 battery. It’s as easy to install as a battery into a tv remote. 

The coils can be switched out, depending on what you want to vape. The best coils for the right herbs is a fun activity to research. What I’ve found personally is that the two quartz coils, the single and the dual, are best for wax and shatter. If you’re more of a flower kind of person, I would recommend the stove top coil. And for those that enjoy oils, whether it be CBD or THC, the ceramic donut coil is perfect. It’s a simple thing to just unscrew the top to replace with another coil. 

The most convenient thing about it is that it is a piece that fits the “anytime, anywhere” bill. You can smoke any type of herb, in any form. It obviously doesn’t produce smoke, so inside it doesn’t leave a smoke smell. If you have any flower but can’t find your lighter (this happens to me all to often), no worries! The Bape710 is a mechanical vape mod that is battery powered, therefore you only need to press the button and inhale. The size of the piece is relatively small, so storage is fairly simple. If you travel, however, I would recommend using the box it came in. It is still glass and breakable. So be careful!

Cleaning it easy, as most of the pieces are either slip-fit or screws in. The main thing you’d want to keep clean would be the glass bubbler part. You can also wipe out the pockets of the coils that hold the plant, whatever form it may be. You don’t have to do this often, as there isn’t any actual resin like there would be with a smoking pipe or bong, which is great! 

For all of its innovative products, Samurai Blaze knows the importance of providing quality, which is why this Bape710 carries a one-year-factory warranty as well as a 30 day return policy and satisfaction guaranteed. This definitely enables an individual to buy with confidence and trust. Overall, this is a great piece to have, especially if you aren’t a fan of smoking. The pull is always cool and smooth, and it rarely gets dirty. It’s small and easy to travel with. The pieces are simple to assemble and reassemble, even for a ditz like me. I highly recommend the Bape710.


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