Replacing the Glass on Your Sumo Pipe

by Bryce Robinson on August 20, 2019

Published by Bryce Robinson

Replacing the glass on your Sumo or Samurai Pipe

Now that the SUMO has been out for a few months it’s probably time to discuss maintenance. We have a guide that discusses recommended maintenance, but we do not cover the removal and replacement of the glass. In this article, we will discuss our method to install the Samurai SUMO Replacement glass.

First things first: Safety!

The SUMO is not a complex piece of machinery, but it does have glass components that may break, or already be broken.   We suggest wearing gloves to prevent any accidents.

Taking Apart the SUMO

Disassembly can be tricky, especially with build-up from normal use. Ash and resin could build up around threads and gaskets, making it hard to remove; for this we recommend reading our “Heavy Clean” instructions on the recommend maintenance guide.

SUMO PIPE - By Samurai Blaze

Step 1

Clear out a working space with room to place your parts.

Step 2  

Remove the bottom accessory port screw with a coin or something narrow enough to fit in the slot.

Step 3  

Using your finger, carefully push the bowl out from the bottom. Do this close to a counter top to prevent the bowl from falling and breaking

Step 4  

Unscrew the stem from the bowl, but DO NOT FORCE IT – If you’re struggling to remove the stem, the threads may be clogged with resin. See the recommend maintenance guide for heavy clean.

Step 5  

Using a pen or something similar in shape, push the glass stem out of the aluminum shell. Remember to be careful not to force it!

Installing the Glass

By now, you should have the SUMO disassembled with your glass ready to be installed.

The following steps will show our method to reinstalling the glass.

Step 1

Make sure the silicone gaskets are in the correct slots. If they slipped out during the removal process, use tweezers or something small enough to push them back in.

Step 2

Lubricate the glass with little alcohol or water, then carefully slide them into their shell.

Twisting while you push may help.

Step 3

Re-connect the stem and tighten the bottom accessory port.

Tip: The stem does not need to be threaded all the way tight. You could leave it snug for an easier removal next time.

That’s it! You’re done with your first replacement glass install. If you have any issues with your install, we are always happy to help!


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