Knowing Your Nectar Collector

by Raegan Castillo-Fontana on August 16, 2019
Not every piece in the cannabis world is self explanatory. Sometimes you have different elements that have different functions and it isn’t always clear what’s supposed to be used for what and how, especially if it’s your first time. I am going to explain how to properly use this wonderful water pipe, the Nectar Collector. 
The Nectar Collector is a dab rig, relatively new to the cannabis community. Our product comes with a 14mm titanium tip, platinum cure silicone, reclaim tube and bubbler. Being a clumsy individual myself, I’ve found silicone to be my preferred type of piece because it’s unbreakable, bendy and easy to store, dishwasher safe and extremely easy to clean. The fear of watching your beloved piece shatter into millions of shards is a thing of the past when it comes to the Nectar Collector. 
Putting the rig together begins with the silicone piece. It is actually 2 pieces, a top half and a bottom half. The reclaim tube should be connected at the intake port, which is what will connect to your titanium nail, and to the only other hole at the bottom of the rig. Make sure it is properly installed, with the tube’s ends in the correct holes. This means the tube end without the tiny hole connects to the intake port.  You want the tiny holes away from that intake port.
Once you’ve put the reclaim tube in correctly and put the 2 silicone pieces back together, you can fill it with water. Do not over fill it, otherwise you’ll end up getting a mouthful of “bong water.” I wouldn’t fill to about a third of the total length of the silicon piece. Take a hit to make sure you’ve got good percolation. Test your drag to see how hard you need to get a nice clean pull before the splash guard leaks. It’s good to know your intake boundaries. I’ve found slow deep drags are best.
Now you can slide your titanium nail into the bottom. This completes your dab rig assembly.
This product also comes with a tray that has a build in stand for the rig, a dab utensil and slot to hold it, reclaim tube slot and small nectar holding glass. Use your dab utensil to put a small amount of dab into the little glass nectar jar.
Next you heat the titanium nail. I recommend a handheld butane torch, as a regular lighter flame just isn’t hot enough to heat that nail. Torch the end of the nail until it becomes red hot. Once red hot, you’re ready to hit your dab.
Place the hot nail inside the little glass nectar jar and take a deep, slow hit. The heat from the nail vaporizes the dab, creating a smooth pull of clean and tasty vapor. You will usually need to reheat the nail for every hit.
It can take time to get this down pat, but you will be glad you did. The first time I attempted to use a nectar collector, I skipped the glass nectar jar and put the dab utensil right onto the nail. This does work. However, you will leave little drops of wax or shatter on the floor below you, and it is no small task to get them up, especially on a wooden floor. It also wastes what would otherwise be enjoyed by the user.
I hope my guidance on this product helps you to get the most out of your Nectar Collector!
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by Jamie on August 16, 2019

Great read!!!