How To Clean Pipes And Bongs

by Bryce Robinson on December 23, 2019

How to Clean Pipes and Bongs

How to Clean Pipes and Bongs

It’s only natural for your clean pipes and bongs to get dirty and even smelly by reason of use. If you love your pipe or bong, then you want to keep it in great condition so you can continue to get good hits. In fact, part of knowing how to use a pipe or bong is realizing when it needs cleaning and how to clean it. 

Why keeping your smoking accessories like pipes and bongs clean is important

Like most products out there, your pipes and bongs will become dirty due to build-up of gunk from all the smoke and burnt materials. The tar-like substance can be quite hard to remove and may clog up the pipe, greatly reducing their effectiveness. 

Going further, a dirty pipe or bong can ruin the taste of extracts you dab, which will result in a bad experience. Even more, the build-up of resin will irritate your throat and take the pleasure out of the experience. 

In addition, it just makes sense to clean your pipe or bong. What’s the point of investing in a pricey and stylish smoking gear just to let it stew in ash and tar? Appreciate the artwork by making it clean like new!

What is your pipe or bong made of?

The material your pipe is made goes a long way to determine what cleaning methods you should use or avoid. Here’s a brief overlook of the different materials below:

  • Glass: Glass pipes and bongs are usually very delicate and are susceptible to damage, so boiling techniques should be avoided. 
  • Metal: Metal pipes are more durable and can be effectively using both alcohol and non-alcoholic techniques, including boiling. 
  • Silicone: Silicones are quite easy to clean as the pieces are heat and cold-resistant, so you all cleaning methods are ideal for them. 
  • Wood: Wooden pipes are also delicate and susceptible to damage. Alcohol, boiling, and harsh chemicals should be avoided. A better cleaning agent here is vinegar. 

The best cleaning method for pipes and bongs

Although every cleaning method has its pros and cons, the most effective solution is isopropyl alcohol with salt. Using this technique, you can speed-clean your dirty pipes and bongs and be rest assured of removing all traces of resin from the smoking devices. Here are the steps to cleaning bongs and pipes with the salt and alcohol solution. 


  1.       Remove the bowl and clean it out with a cotton swab. Then rinse it under the tap. 
  2.     Create your solution by mixing isopropyl alcohol and 1 tablespoon of salt. Then shake it until most of the salt is dissolved.
  3.    Cover the down stem hole and the mouthpiece with res caps and shake vigorously for a total of five minutes.
  4.    Empty the solution and rinse through with lukewarm water. 
  5.      Soak a tissue with isopropyl alcohol and wipe down the bowl and down stem.
  6.    Soak a pipe cleaner with isopropyl alcohol and scrub the inside of the down stem and rinse thoroughly. 


  1.       Fill a resalable plastic bag with isopropyl and add 1 tablespoon of salt to the bag.
  2.     Place the pipe in the bag and shake for five minutes, and then let it sit for an additional 10 minutes. 
  3.    Remove the piece and rinse thoroughly under lukewarm water
  4.    Clean out any remaining spots with a pipe cleaner or cotton swabs. 



If you clean your pipes and bongs, they will be in good working condition and will serve you well for a long time. With the above guide, you can clean your pipes and bongs regularly to enjoy fresh, tasty hits all the time. 



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