General Proper Heat Usage and Why It Matters

by justin morrone on November 09, 2020

General Proper Heat Usage and Why It Matters


The proper heat for any possible banger nail you decide you use, in any combination with other various glass pieces to change airflow, ultimately will depend upon what type of concentrates you're vaporizing. Concentrates come in many different forms. The street, and most common name used to refer to almost all varieties of concentrates, is "wax". However, in most cases, that couldn't be farther from the truth, as most concentrates, in consistency, will vary from oily, to very dry with the consistency of sand, which actually has a higher melt/vaporize temperature. Most in between variations, rather than being wax-like, are either the sand type of concentrates mixed with the oily type, or are more of a batter, or something of a butter consistency sometimes rather than wax. But no matter what type of concentrates you prefer, temperature is important not 

only for maximizing personal desired effect, but also for personal safety in a variety of categories. It's considered common practice to use a temperature gun, a thermometer, a thermochromic banger nail, or some other general type of temperature gauging device, at least a few times when switching to a new concentrate, or a new banger nail, (as that will make a difference in temperature too, just not as often as switching to new concentrates, and after a few uses, you should have a good idea how your banger nail heats/holds heat.) so that you're not burning, and wasting your concentrates, leaving that awful, black "chaz" in your banger nail, or even worse, potentially harming your lungs and throat. So, 

when you switch to a new concentrate you aren't familiar with, and/or if you're not familiar with your set-up, it's a good idea to either find some way to measure your temperature to what you know is safe, or if that's not possible, to start low temperature, and experiment with small bits of your concentrates until you hit the desired temperature. 

The Perfect Temperature Varies

The perfect, or preferred temperature for you, will not only vary with you banger and concentrates, but will also be different from what would be the perfect 

temperature for someone else. Some would ask in rebuke to that, "Well, how is that possible?" And the answer to that is simple. Concentrates vaporized at different temperatures, release different properties in the terpenes, and within the concentrates themselves, most of which contain a high amount of THCA, which is THC that is heat activated. So even if

 you use the same concentrates as someone else, if you don't apply the proper temperature to it, you may not experience the same result or effect that they would have. And in that  same respect, if someone else that doesn't quite know that temperature is important, tells you they had a bad experience with a high end concentrate, they simply may have applied 

the wrong temperature, and you may have quite the opposite experience with the same concentrates, just by releasing the contents correctly. So if you're reading this and asking yourself, "How do I know if I'm doing this right?" Here is how you know. When you finish with your dab, if your temperature wasn't too high, the remaining concentrates will wipe right out with your preferred cleaning method, leaving no black, or dark brown stains (chaz). If you've got black or brown stains, then you've gotten it way too hot. At the proper 

temperature, your concentrates should liquify, and bubble slightly, then vaporize when capped and utilized. A yellow stain, means you've gotten it just a little bit too hot, but were mostly successful, and still within the range of safety. Ideally, when you've finished, you should be able to wipe the remaining clear/yellow residue right out of your banger nail leaving no stain at all. The only other outcome really, however harmless it may be, is too low of a temperature, which can be irritating when you're wasting your concentrates. So as a 

general rule, as long as you aren't utilizing your items at an extreme heat, it's a matter of preference. It's just important that you're using them within that safe temperature range. Also, when heating ANY banger nail in general, it's not a good idea to apply heat to the same area for too long all at once, but rather to keep your torch flame in motion, heating, and therefore expanding the entire banger nail all at the same rate, reducing the risk of a crack or worse, an incident. Which is also why it's a good idea to get some sort of reclaim

catcher, or extension for your rig to avoid taking heat, as it's more ideal for a cheap reclaimer to take a crack from heat exposure, than the stem of your two or three hundred dollar dab rig. (Just don't leave them attached when they're not being used, as that can also put constant pressure on, and weaken, or eventually crack your expensive glass.)  


What it comes down to, is no matter whether you prefer a rather hot dab, or a cooler hit, is preference within safety. As i mentioned before, as long as you aren't getting black and brown chaz stains, you're doing it right. The effect you want and get, will simply vary on how much heat you use, just don't use too much. Recent studies have shown that there's a high likelihood consumption of concentrates at too high of a temperature, over a long period of repeated use, causes cancer. I'm not a doctor, and I'm not  making any medical claims, or decisions, I just believe it's best to air on the side of caution and safety, and that it's the right thing to do, to spread that information as widely as possible so we all stay safe. In the event that my sources, and I are wrong, overheating still wastes your concentrates rather than vaporizing them, and is still incredibly dangerous 

and potentially harmful in a more immediate way, as banger nails that have gotten too hot, or banger nails that have had too much heat applied to just one single spot for too long, have been known on occasion to actually combust/shatter. I've had it described to me by someone to whom it had happened as a small scale explosion a foot away from their face,

which needless to say, wasn't a pleasant experience for this individual. So simply avoid heating your banger to extremes, and let your concentrates tell you what the correct temperature is for them, by the color of the residue they leave, and by whether or not that residue wipes out, and how easily. So everyone stay safe, and good luck keeping the 

the temperature is just right!


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