Electronic Rigging Devices, and Cartridges.

by Justin Morrone on November 10, 2020

The Electronic Rig

There are a few different types of electronic rigging devices for the intake of concentrates. Most of which, consist of a battery containment area, with a 5/10 thread, that you twist any variety of Yocan or Saionara, or any other brand of atomizer, which is a word for saying it transfers the power of the battery, straight onto a coil made of steel, quartz, titanium, ceramic, nickel, kanthal, or other various materials, and heats it to your desired temperature, (which your device should have settings for) and vaporizes your concentrates, which you pull through the cap that will fit down over, or sometimes screw onto your electronic rig. See a cartridge is great for convenience, but you're limited to strictly pure, dab oil, as to where with an electronic dabbing rig, you can use anything from dry concentrates, to the most liquid-like oils, and sometimes even flower depending on what vaporizer you've chosen to go with, and what coil it contains. Another way a cartridge boasts convenience, is that it can be charged through a USB cable. Though its best to do with a computer, or maybe a gaming system, because a phone charger, or straight wall plug might eventually fry your battery over time. An electronic rig on the other hand, is typically utilizing a standard vaping mod, which requires you to actually physically take them out, and put the batteries themselves on an external charger purchased separate, making the power situation is a slight inconvenience when compared to a cartridge mod. Sometimes these mods have the option to charge them VIA USB, but the best advice that can be given there, is if the batteries can be removed from your mod? Don't. It's extremely dangerous and your mod can even explode, or can just ruin your batteries best case scenario. So if your mod has batteries that can be removed, charge them externally. That's USB charge port looking slot is actually most likely for updating the chip inside your mod, and perhaps an emergency charge watched closely on a rare occasion, but I wouldn't even recommend that. Now with that said? The electronic rigs, when set-up correctly, are easily worth the inconveniences that come with them, because they take the guesswork out of the equation and you'll get the EXACT pull that you set it up for. A cartridge takes the guess work out of it too, but only has one setting unless your mod has heat settings, rarely do cartridges have airflow settings. 


Now Just because a cartridge is smaller and doesn't have quite the airflow control, or power that an electric rig does, it does, again, boast convenience in a variety of forms, ranging from easy charging, to easy functionality, to being easily concealed. There are many brands of cartridges, but you can normally get a decent idea of what thequality is like, (before trying it) simply by looking at it. Cartridges that have been diluted and dont have as high of a desired content, will be runny, and the bubbles inside will moveeasily, and will most likely be either extremely light in color, or extremely dark in color, a brown color. Stay AWAY from those cartridges. The ones you want, the good ones, will have a thick oil that doesn't move easily, or quickly, and should be a beautiful golden, or light golden brown color. As a general rule, that's a good method to make sure you're receiving a legitimate product, and not something diluted, or even worse, potentially harmful. (Dependant upon what additives it contains if any) However, cartridges are very popular for their convenience, despite their ability to be easily counterfeit. When you do get a legitimate cartridge, for the extremely low amount of airflow, they're actually quite potent, and sometimes quite harsh even to intake, despite their small, non-intimidating look. Ultimately, cartridges are worth the money you pay for them, you just have to be careful which ones you choose to buy. The good ones are sometimes a bit pricey because you're paying for the cartridge itself as well as the oil it contains, but can last the right user, arguably, longer than a gram of open concentrates with a rigging device, electric or non. Some have made their own cartridge oil, and filled their own cartridges, but that requires a decent deal of effort, and the purchase of multiple different products to do. So unfortunately, there isn't really a way around their price, but luckily, more often than not, they end up being well worth it in the end.


Electronic vaporizing is a growing field of popularity for good reason, as it makes intake simple, as effective, and convenient as possible. Using a torch and glass will give you that feeling of doing things organically, and yes, perhaps taste a bit better, but the electronic methods do give you more control over the situation, and ultimately, when compared to doing it the organic way, it's about even in terms of being worth doing, as each method has its own pros and cons. But whatever your opinion, electronic intake is certainly here to stay, and chances are, you'll at least run into it sometime in the near future, if you haven't already. They are developing new and exciting electronic intake methods by the day, and it's only going to make recreation that much more convenient, and enjoyable for us all as it does. It's exciting, and inspiring to think about what might be developed next, because with electronic intake methods, at least, in my opinion, it's only going to get better, and better from here, and will continue to be more, and more fiscally worth it as that unfolds. Everyone should give electronic methods a fair chance, you just might be surprised with how nice and easy they've been cultivated to use. Ultimately, if you're looking for convenience, and as little effort as possible? Then electronics are 100% for you. Good looking out everybody, stay safe out there!


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