Bubbler vs Bong and Everything You Need To Know

by Bryce Robinson on February 09, 2020

Bubbler vs Bong


Choosing the perfect smoking device can be a tricky process, especially when you’re asked to select either a bong or a bubbler. Many non-smokers can neither tell these two devices apart nor state which is better. The reason for the mix-up is that they are both used for the same purposes and may resemble each other. To objectively determine which is better between a bong and a bubbler, it is crucial to compare both of them.

What is a bong?

Also known as a water pipe, a bong is a device used to smoke cannabis and tobacco products. The bong is made up of five parts namely: the carb, bowl, downstem, base and tube.


  • Stronger high: Since bong bowls are larger, the potential for a much bigger hits is higher. This will allow you to achieve stronger and long-lasting highs than you'd get from a bubbler.
  • Bigger bowls: Larger bowls means more love to share. You get to fit more cannabis into a bong bowl, making it a great choice for parties and big groups since you can share with others.
  • Easier maintenance: Bongs are super easy to clean because you are able to take apart the bong and soak in your preferred cleaning solution.
  • Highly customizable: Not only can you mix and match different pieces to create the perfect bong, they also come in different sizes, shapes and varieties so you can personalize and customize to your liking.


  • Extremely delicate: Because bongs are made from thinner glass than bubblers, they are extremely delicate. Dropping a bong just once may result in a very expensive piece shattered into hundreds of tiny different pieces.
  • Not portable: Due to their large size, bongs are not easy to carry around or find proper storage for. So if you decide to buy one, you'd better be okay with leaving it out in the open.
  • Costs to maintain: Bongs have removable parts like stems and bowls, and they might need to be replaced every now and then. This means extra running costs when compared to bubblers.


What is a bubbler?

While most people are familiar with the concept of a bong, very few people know what a bubbler is. A bubbler is also a water pipe but it is smaller than a bong and comprises three basic parts namely: a mouthpiece, bowl and stem.


  • Ready to use: Unlike bongs, bubblers come ready for use to meet your smoking needs. You don't need to look for any accessories like bowls and percolators.
  • Small size: Bubblers are smaller, easier to store and easier to carry around. They also give heavy hits even though their size is smaller and less expensive than that of other glass pieces.
  • Durable: Bubblers are made of thicker glass than bongs, which makes them harder and less likely to break at a single drop. Also due to its shape, you don't have to worry about trying to get a good grip.
  • Discreet: A bubbler is ideal for those who want to be secretive about how they their smoking habit as it delivers hits quieter than a bong.


  • Harder to clean: Cleaning a bubbler is a nightmare since the downstem is not removable. Bubblers also get dirty faster and the water needs to be changed often.
  • Hard to customize: There aren't many opportunities for customization. If you break a part, you will have to change the entire piece.




There are plenty of similarities and differences between bubblers and bongs. The choice of what to choose depends on your preferences and budget.



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