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Best Bongs under $100 - December 2019

by Bryce Robinson on December 06, 2019
Best bongs under $100

Buying a bong online can be difficult and expensive, so we've created a list of the best bongs under $100 to help you in your search. When shopping online, it's hard to distinguish what makes one bong better than the other, especially since they all look similar. To make things worse, over-seas manufacturers are copying the designs from reputable brands and selling them online for much less. These copies are easy to spot as they'll have the same name and style of a brand like ROOR, whose glass pipes can range from $200-$2K; however they're online at DHgate for $30 shipped from China. These copy-cat bongs are typically made in a factory with cheaper materials and less care for quality. Our hope with this list is to help you make a wise choice. These are our top selling bongs under $100.

Here's our list of the best bongs under $100

Nucleus, bong,

When it comes to a great daily-driver, the nucleus 8" is it! It's a simple 8" beaker with the necessary functions of a bong. This is the piece you take out when seshing in a group. It's available in many colors and under $45.

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Grav, bong, Grav 14

Grav is well known in the industry for creating high quality glassware. Their Gravitron gravity bongs are fun, well built and very affordable.

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Grav, bong, GRAV 6

The Grav 6" Round Base is the perfect bubble base bong to add style to your smoke sesh. These bubble base bongs are well built and eash to smoke from.

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DankStop, bong, Straight Tube Water Pipe. On sale with Free Shipping at Samurai Blaze

The Straight Tube pipe from Dank Stop is a great pipe for beginners, as they are low maintenance and easy to operate.

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Grav, Bubbler, GRAV 7

Grav recently launched the Sip Line of bubblers that offer high end features for less. These small heavy hitters have a removable bowl and percolator.

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More bongs under $100

We are always updating our collections with the latest pipes and bongs. To see our latest line-up of bongs under $100, click the link below.


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